You’ll get a great education at Hastings College, and while that’s a critical start to a career, your resume may benefit by an internship or two!

An internship yields a lot more than just experience in your chosen field — it can help you decide what type of career you’re looking for, build your network and even lead to your first job.

We’re fortunate to have a number of community partners who offer internships and other opportunities where you can gain experience year round. Yet that list is just those businesses and organizations who are local. Just take a look at some of the places Hastings students interned recently.

Our Career Services office is a great place for you to discuss career plans, seek internships, learn how to build a resume,  gather information on graduate school or even find part-time work on and off campus year round.

Internship Stories

Dustin Kerr '11 performing on board a cruise ship.

Kerr cruising the world doing what he loves

A decade ago Dustin Kerr ‘11 had never seen a cruise ship — now he travels the world on cruise ships and has visited all seven continents and 108 different countries. Kerr…

A Fulbright in Bulgaria

It has always been a dream of mine to work abroad; however, I never thought it would be a reality. Thanks to Hastings College, especially Dr. Rob Babcock, and their support, I…

Alumni shaping culture of two Colorado high schools

Coming from two different eras at Hastings College, Eric Johnson ’97 and Cora Lanter 05’ share something in common: they both aim to continuously build and shape the culture at neighboring Colorado high…

The power of Irish pub music unites HC grads

Everyone’s Irish once a year—or, at least, they like to think they are. That’s what Corey Johnson ‘88 has observed playing in the band Keep Britain Irish for over 15 years. Many…
Will Locke '61

Locke throws a lifetime of shade

‘Trees are a metaphor for life’   The roots of Will Locke’s passion for trees go back to his childhood in the 1940s and 1950s when he visited his grandparents’ small farms…